Smart Home Technology for Holiday Rental Managers using Google Home

Using the Google Home API technology Genkan is pleased to introduce Smart Holiday Rental homes for Genkan users. Smart home automation makes managing holiday and short-term rental property easier, increases the professionalism you offer and becomes over time more cost effective for property owners.

The Goggle API to Genkan allows Genkan users to “program” command settings into the Genkan listed property which in turn then timely delivers those commands to the Google Assistant powered Google Home.

Every holiday rental manager understands one of the key challenges as a manager is the management of your property owners electricity and gas bills. With control over products such as NUE Philips Hue SmartThing Power Point directly out of Genkan, the greatest energy usage devices such as air conditioning, heating and hot water systems will now be in the control of property managers and owners through Genkan. When the property is unoccupied, you can use the same smart home system to minimise energy costs.

The aims of the Google Home integration are

  1. To allow turn on / turn off control over heating and air conditioning systems
  2. To provide ability for lighting to be controlled
  3. To provide security alerts.
  4. To integrate locking solutions

For more information, contact Genkan