Reservation Software for Holiday Rentals Management

screenshot5Reservation staff love GENKAN™ because of the ease, versatility and intuitive nature of the GENKAN reservation process. But most of all it saves them time through GENKAN‘s email communication. GENKAN‘s ability to quickly communicate exact information to the client is the centre piece of GENKAN.

GENKAN’s availability, which is accessible from virtually any point in the reservation process, instantly provides the operator with a wealth of information about the property, including configuration, photos, floor plans, virtual tours, rates, amenities, available extras, owners, and more.

There are four ways to make a reservation in the system: First, from the main reservation screen, which provides the advanced search capability, including searches by number in the party, amenities, location, property type, and other user defined parameters; Second, by the advanced tape chart, which provides a graphic display of availability on selected properties; Third, by the monthly property calendar, which provides detailed reservations information for an individual property for a three month period; and fourth, by the annual property calendar, which provides a broad overview of an individual property for an entire year.

Your reservation staff can either choose the traditional bookings calendar to search for availability or they can go to the BOOKING OVERVIEW screen where they can see at a glance the availability of properties, the gaps and can see you is staying at a property and move bookings from one property to another.