genkan™ Housekeeping and Maintenance

genkan has taken the management of your housekeeping to a new level of automation ease and efficiency. It’s all centred around the functionality that housekeeping requires, which makes scheduling, last minute changes, and disbursal of housekeeping charges directly to the vendor a simple matter.

Your housekeeping management with genkan gives you;

check Real time reporting on incoming and out going guests
check Home screen that provides real time information on every property
check Reporting for housekeeping duties including estimated house and bedding configurations
check Job  and maintenance logging and control
check Guaranteed to cut your current salary costs. *

From the grid, housekeepers which are assigned at the property level can be easily deployed to fit changing conditions and workloads. Comprehensive or summary reports can then be printed or e-mailed to your individual housekeepers. Housekeeping status is updated and the correct charges are moved from the reservation to the appropriate housekeeping vendor, making payment of your housekeepers a simple matter.screenshot4

In addition, genkan also provides a unique system of Housekeeping Work Orders, providing all the functionality of our Maintenance Work Orders, but assigning the work to the specified housekeeping group, placing it on the housekeeping schedule, and disbursing the funds to the correct housekeeping group.