Paypal Pro Payments through Genkan

PayPalPayflow Pro, a market-leading payment gateway, connects your online shop to your existing Internet merchant account. It enables your business to:
Accept credit cards, debit cards, more. Plus accept PayPal too.
Optimise the customer experience by letting shoppers complete the checkout process without leaving your website.
Stay secure with access to one of the most powerful risk-management systems.

Key benefits and features include:

Industry-leading security with transaction processing secured by 168-bit SSL encryption. Plus, PayPal meets the exacting standards of the major card associations, including SAS, PCI, and SDP.

Flexibility by working with any major payment processor and over 200 popular shopping carts, so you can make the right choice for your business.
High-volume processing capacity. Built on a robust infrastructure that handles over $100 million USD daily, you can feel confident, even during the busiest times.
Easy integration.

Our flexible application programming interface (API) and client software development kit (SDK) reduce development time.
PayPal Manager makes your life easy by letting you manage your whole system in a single place, including approving or rejecting orders, issuing refunds, and running reports

PayPal Pro