genkan™ Book Online – Pay Online

genkan’s unique integrated database construction makes the ability to book online and pay online a smooth and effortless matter. Book and Pay online

With genkan, the system instantly recognises all changes in property configuration, assuring that all information is up-to-the-minute, and all reservation activity is recorded accurately and in real ‘real-time’, not delayed for an indeterminate period while a third party server updates.

genkan’s advanced search engine provides a comfortable experience for your guest, and provides a wide scope of customisable search criteria to make it easy for the renter to find exactly the type of property they’re searching for.

Web property pages are customizable, allowing you to avoid that ‘cookie-cutter’ look present in so many of the ordinary systems in use in the industry.
genkan’s unique ‘Web Groups’ concept makes it possible to arrange properties in an unlimited number of ways, each with its own look and description, allowing you to present a range of selection which is far greater than your actual inventory.

screenshot2You may secure the reservation with a credit card, or you may choose to follow up directly with the renter before actually confirming the guest stay.

And it’s all included as part of the software itself. No extra server hardware and license fee, no extra third party charges, no extra expense credit card module to buy.

You’re up, running and booking online from day one!