MIGS in Dubai !

Great news for the 3 Dubai genkan customers with the introduction of the MasterCard Internet Gateway ServiceMIGS gateway into the region through Mashreq Bank. The MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (shortened to MiGS) is a payment gateway  system that allows banks to accept card not present transactions  MiGS, which is sold by MasterCard , is PCI-DSS  and is typically branded and priced by the acquiring bank .
It is used to interconnect online merchants to their acquiring banks through standards-compliant technology and API (Virtual Payment Client).
imagesThis payment gateway provides support for services such as “MasterCard SecureCode”, “Verified by Visa” and “JCB J/Secure”.
In Australia the use of MIGS is widespread with banks such as CBA, ANZ, Bendigo and SUncorp all adopting this gateway service.
With this, Mashreq bank has become the first member financial institution to offer the  (MIGS) to web merchants in the Gulf.
This allows the Dubai clients to have their websites accept online payments either through their website or inside Genkan.