What Some of Our Users Have To Say

We  love our users  Yep, we certainly do! , and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you buy Genkan, you buy a philosophy of how Holiday Rental management can can be done in the 21st Century  you won’t ever have to worry We strive to please our users about customer support!

Our business moved from 2 systems (reservation & trust accounting) to the one with Genkan. This was a huge project for us to embark on having to move bookings, payments, users, fifty properties etc , from 2 systems to one. It was (as expected), a very bumpy road for us at the start. It was difficult to grasp the method in which Genkan collates & processes information entered at setup level , and how this is applied later on at a working / operational level and in sync with how our booking agency operates.

Two months down the track and we are loving it!  It has been fantastic having the reservations and trust accounting all in the one spot. We can now appreciate the difficult setup time and how this enables the system to work seamlessly. Alot of our processes are now automated which is FANTASTIC !

We may be looking at taking some more properties on our portfolio as a result of this. It may be to too soon to tell, but at this stage we think the system (and new Genkan website that came with it) may be generating more bookings for us.

We had a training mananger that trained us each week for about six weeks which was invaluable. If we did this again with the knowledge that we have now, I would suggest to Genkan that they set out to gain more information on the new client in how the agency is setup etc and perhaps have their development team do some of the setting up as part of the overall service. Although we are somewhat technically savvy- I would think that for those who are not, the setup could become daunting without the adequate support

Joyce Joubert, Queenscliff & Coastal Holiday Bookings

Pros: Strong Web Marketing features
Streamlined owners accounting processes
Flexible rates structure and booking controls
Constantly updating and improving the product
Plenty of features to make property management processes easier.
Customer Communications features
Cons: Reporting filters need improvement for date searches and sorting
Overall: Excellent all round system for managing holiday lettings and trust accounting with a strong focus on marketing and customer communications. Dynamic system with constant updates and changes coming through so it is evolving to meet market changes.

Ian Foster, Valley Management

Pros: Great support
User friendly
Intergrates well into exiting web sites
Many useful applications

Cons: Ability to scan and store documents or images to particular user

Overall: We have not look back since installing Genkan giving us more time to develop our brand and grow our business as Genkan takes care of all our administrative needs in one easy to use software package.

Danny Petrone, My Coastline

Genkan is a one-stop holiday rental management suite that handles everything from web to booking to accounts and owners. Our business has doubled in the last 2 years and we could not have done this without the efficiencies and productivity savings that Genkan has delivered. The system is constantly evolving (sometimes too fast for us to implement) and the authors/owners very responsive to users needs.

Pete Smith, Weekenda
Pros: Covers all bases with respect to holiday letting management. New functionality comes out almost weekly… the product is constantly evolving. Fantastic customer support.

Cons: Lacks sufficient documentation when it comes to the detail of functionality, but that is countered by quality customer service.

Overall: Highly recommended. Does significantly more that it says on the box.

Peter Atkins, Jervis Bay rentals
Pros: Very robust software with more features constantly being introduced. Combines a booking, accounting and property management system into one package, which is exactly what our business requires.
Integrates with payment systems and SMS notification.
can be customised to user requirements

Cons: Iframe architecture has some limitations.

Overall: Highly recommend Genkan to prospective users. All round great performer that is designed to get the most out of your business.

Dave Sanger, Unwind Hunter Valley
We have been using GENKAN for over 4 years now and are very impressed with the product. It has streamlined our business. The booking engine is a well though out program and has allowed us to automate the booking process. It has reduced our office time dramatically. The team at GENKAN are always looking for ways to add additional features to the product and take note of requests from their users.

We will be using GENKAN whilst we are in the accommodation industry.

Craig Gillard, Clifton Beach Realty
Having tried 4 property management software programs over the past 7 years of operating my business is was an absolute blessing to find ONE programme that was dedicated to the management of Holiday Homes. As this is a very different business model to hotels, Bed and Breakfast, motels or holiday parks…there was nothing on the market that ticked all the boxes for individual property owners, housekeeping management, maintenance management, bookings, automation of communication, and most importantly ACCOUNTS!! All other PMS software on the market seemed to be real estate based, or hotel based, but nothing that sung out for all aspects of our industry of Holiday Home Accommodation. I have only just scratched the surface with the available functionality with this programme, so I am looking at the growth ahead with some great relief, in the knowledge that both the system and my business will evolve together. The only thing that I personally would have loved to have from the system is a printable manual (or a separate disk) so that during the learning and setup stage I could have had a reference manual ‘on hand’ which took me step by step through the process of getting set up and up and running. I found that by having youtube video, help button, messenger, and phone support all a bit disjointed for ‘me’. and confusing as some of the ‘help button’ information was out of date or not there (obviously functionality has been added along the way but not all the ‘help’ added with it)……some others may have found that the process of setup and training easier, but for me (as I work alone) I found it hard. I needed something with a step by step, hand holding… more a Genkan for Dummies approach!! Other than that. LOVE this software and I have renewed vigor and enthusiasm for my business and the future ahead, because of Genkan.
Helen Turner, Ningaloo Reef