genkan™ Survey Monster

The genkan Survey Monster functionality is without compare mainly due to its complete automation which is only possible due to the single / central database of genkan.
A prospective user of genkan should never underestimate the value of a single database that operates their business.

We call our survey functionality “Survey Monster” because it is bigger and better and “monsters” than other competitive survey functionality.

genkan users have the choice to completely design their own survey from scratch or can use the 8 genkan questions as part of their customised survey.

Once the survey has been created a scheduled email can be developed that sends a link to your guest post stay.

This link directs the guest back to your website where they can complete your survey.

A completed survey triggers a e-mail to the business administrator and if you wish an email to the property owner.

The results of the survey are immediately correlated and statistics are regenerated as these results impact the property and the business overall score.

The business can now review the survey, the comments, edit them if required and post them onto the business website and there is extensive reporting through the business login.

Property owners should you wish have complete, limited or no visibility to the survey results.

Reference pages for Business Statistics for Property Statistics and Survey Comments. Survey Reviews