genkan™ Shop – Tour Desk

The genkan Shop and Tour Desk style functionality as designed to allow genkan users the ability to increase the style of types of additional products that they can sell.

No one in the business of property management worldwide would disagree that much of the future of the business resides with property managers finding new income streams whether it be a box of supermarket items, golf clubs, ski, boots and poles, rental car, ski lift passes, gift vouchers, bus trips, ticketing events and more.

Increase and develop new business opportunities

genkan Shop has been built to fill that void and encourage users to build new business opportunities.

shop1The genkan functionality includes;

  • Create Multiple Shops within a Shop
  • Create Seasonal Shops with Calendar
  • The ability to create “infinite” shop items
  • Categorise Shop items
  • Shops for guests and visitors
  • Payments by credit card
  • Voucher creation
  • Manage the relationship between Shop owner and Supplier
  • Communication and Notifications.
  • Disbursement to suppliers

Examples of genkan Shop in operation

shop21. The best opportunity is to visit and go through the booking process

2. Then choose dates of 6th – 13th July 2014 and hit SEARCH ( it is important that the dates chosen are within the dates of that shop which are June 10 – September 25 2014 )

3. On the search results page choose any property and BOOK NOW

4. When you get to the extras page you will see SHOP next to the next Button, select SHOP.

Another example of Genkan Shop, this time the standalone shop, this is at

Note: genkan Shop is not standard functionality within genkan and is an additional charge for installation and training.