PO-PricingGenkan for Professional Property Managers

The Genkan fee operates at 5% of booking total but limiting at $20 per booking.

Eg. $200 booking – Genkan fee = $10
$150 booking – Genkan fee = $7.50
$500 booking – Genkan fee = $20

This rate applies up to 2000 bookings per annum after which the cost per booking decreases, every Genkan user to our understanding adds this onto the booking where the customer covers the cost.

Genkan Direct
Our channel manager fee for bookings taken through the Genkan Direct API is $15 a booking surcharge over and above the Genkan booking fee.

Genkan offers a loyalty scheme which involves discounts up to 25% off your invoice monthly.

We have a $2000 setup fee which includes training, minimum $500 per month invoice for 18 months which includes;

For more information contact us now 1300GENKAN
* Genkan integrated website available at minimum 1000 bookings per annum

For information on Genkan for Owner Managers and pricing, visit http://www.holidayrentalmanagementsoftware.com/