genkan™ Enquiry E-mail

The most time and cost saving feature of genkan

The genkan enquiry email allows you to respond to phone and email enquiries within minutes of receiving that enquiry.

How does that compare to the way you respond to enquiries today?

The process allows your business to take the proactive customer service approach to this very time consuming part of property management.

Savings by using genkan enquiry e-mail

It is easy to calculate the time-cost savings that the genkan enquiry process creates.

Take the number of bookings per year that your company does, then apply a multiplication factor between 4-6 times which should give you an approximate number of enquires you do in a year.

Then multiply this by 15 minutes which genkan believes is the minimum time saved over a manual response e-mail.

The multiply the answer by your hourly work rate.


850 ( booking number ) x 5 = 4250

4250 x 15 ( minutes ) / 60 = 1062 hours

1062 hours “X” hourly rate = Saving