genkan™ Booking Manager

The genkan Booking Manager is your clients interface to you and your website.

How many times do we hear… “bring your Genkan Booking Managercustomers back to your website”… the genkan Booking Manager is the solution to achieve this.

The Genkan Booking Manager allows your guests to login to ” their page” on your website and utilises similar principles to airlines and “checking in”

  • Check the status of their booking
  • View prior bookings through your company
  • Make payments on bookings
  • Edit current booking
  • Add extras to bookings
  • Make new bookings
  • Change bedding configurations ( if possible )
  • Gain information on your business
  • View arrival information
  • Edit their profile, add photographs

Your guests can login to your Booking manager through a link from an email, with a booking ID and email address and soon with their Facebook, Google+ or Linkedin ID through Open Login.